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Broken or poorly maintained plumbing and HVAC systems not only cause damage to your facilities, but also frustrate your employees and discourage guests and customers from remaining. To keep your building safe, comfortable, and efficient, you need well-maintained and optimized internal systems installed properly by experienced professionals. You can spend hours vetting contractors, or you can make one call to Service Works for fast, professional HVAC, plumbing, and drain services that are both reliable and affordable.

Service Works is your one-stop-shop for the best HVAC repair and plumbing services in Fairfax. We employ a wide network of reliable technicians and contractors with the knowledge and expertise to quickly and effectively install, repair, and maintain your facility’s internal systems. Service Works provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well, so you can rest assured that your guests and employees will enjoy comfort and safety in your building, and you can keep operating costs low.

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Why Choose Service Works for Your Facility’s HVAC and Plumbing Needs?

The Service Works team prides itself on excellent communication, and always puts your needs first. We know better than most that problems with your facility’s internal systems like HVAC and plumbing can lead not only to employee and customer frustration, but high operating costs as well. That’s why our team of reliable, experienced HVAC technicians and plumbers will strive to fix your issues fast to get your facilities to peak performance, and optimize the maintenance of your building to save you time and money.

Satisfaction and Reliability Guaranteed

Service Works offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and most of our repairs come with a minimum 1–2 year warranty.

Transparent Pricing

Contract with Service Works, and we’ll provide up-front pricing before we begin work. We’ll communicate the exact costs and process so you can make informed decisions.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Service Works is a Virginia Class A Contractor, and all of our vehicles, employees, work, and materials are completely insured at your home or business.

Your Needs First

Service Works has been Fairfax’s choice for effective and affordable plumbing and HVAC services since 2006 because we make the needs of our customer priority #1.

Our Services

Professional Plumbing Repairs and Replacement Services

Professional Plumbing Repairs and Replacement Services

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HVAC System Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services

HVAC System Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Service Works is fully licensed and insured to exceed most commercial requirements. All of our vehicles, employees, work, and materials are completely insured at your home or business. Master HVAC License 2705 116094A | VA Class A Contractor License #2710 048313

Service Works has the experience, expertise, and equipment to service and replace:

  • Small to large rooftop package units
  • Split systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • VAV systems
  • Electrical heaters
  • Control systems
  • And more

Regular maintenance is vital to the performance and life span of your heating or cooling system. Benefits include:

  • Higher system efficiency, leading to reduced energy costs
  • Longer life span of the heating/cooling system to reduce the risk of unexpected and costly repairs
  • Satisfy the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ensure system is running without risk to your health or safety
Yes, we provide emergency 24/7 service for your HVAC and plumbing problems. Our team is ready to fix your issues fast to prevent further damage to your property.
No. We provide transparent, up-front pricing before we begin work, and we’ll tell you exactly how much your project will cost so you can make the right decision for your needs and budget. We’ll even give you a second opinion for free. If you have already had a service diagnostic, just show us the service receipt and we’ll waive the cost of your service call.
Absolutely. Over our many years of service in the DMV area, we have strengthened our network of partners. We only work with the best, most reliable, and experienced plumbers and technicians in the industry.

The best HVAC repair technicians and the best plumbers in Fairfax stand ready to optimize your facility

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