Angies List Customers

We have been a long time advocate of Angie's List. In recent events we really believe that Angie's List has become more of a buyer beware. They claim that contractors do not pay to be on the list.....somewhat true. We get on the list by customers recommending us. This is not a very hard task if you have friends that are willing or in our case a great business. Sooner or later you will service a customer that is an Angie's consumer and get a rating and be listed. Then it begins, the contractor is bombarded with sales calls on advertising with the list. They show you how no one will see you unless you pay. Advertising is a necessity in business so it could not be so bad. Well to say the least. We spend a large amount, I wont say the amount. (it could have been an annual salary!) They roped us into a BIG Deal. We went all in. What we found was they take from us more than we got in return. I feel we are on top when it comes to customer service. We bend over backwards to make customers happy, but there are always those ones. Yea, they know who they are. They will write bad reviews no matter how hard we work to make them happy. Its usually the customers that wanted the cheapest price and still complain that it was too expensive and did not like the quality. Well Angie's list does not investigate any of the ratings. They actually have altered my responses that I post to my customers! So a contractor can get a black eye from something that never occurred. We actually have reviews that people posted to us that are not even us!
Remember this they are a business and they are out to make a profit! They make more than probably 99% of the contractors that are listed there. We are here for you with good honest business. So when you are looking at a big deal or a store front and you see the deal of a lifetime.........remember the old saying, to good to be true. Notice that our prices are fair not to good to be true. We know what it cost to get the job done right. Angie's list has raised their take on storefront to 25% of the sale so we will not be posting any new storefront ads. You can call us directly to get an Angie's List price, we cannot afford to give an Angie's List price when they take more than we make!